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New Single: Anita Nicole – Wounds

After a long time in the studio I would like to introduce the 1st release from my new project, to be named at a later date.

Produced by the wonderful Eddie Serafica and co written with Paulaa and Carolanne Busuttil.

Enjoy and please share also.

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Eddie and Paulaa

Working on my new single today with Eddie Serafica and his partner Paulaa, the 1st from my new project which should be released mid next year God willing.

Haven’t released any music for a while so a bit anxious but have high hopes for it.

Oh and they also have a Grammy Award in their house (for those who read a few posts back) it belongs to their flatmate for work on Bruno Mars‘ album.



Jack Gourlay

I’ve been writing with a super talented young multi-instrumentalist and producer recently, his name is Jack Gourlay.

He has recently worked with Tom Odell, James Arthur and Jack Garratt.

We have an amazing song written which I look forward to sharing with you all when finished.


Working with another legend today

I’ve been incredibly lucky this year to have worked with some household names in the music industry.

The latest is Mr Jon Kelly.

I spent some time writing and recording with him at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.

Jon’s resume is unbelievable, he produced most of Kate Bush‘s albums, done lots of work with The Beautiful South and Deacon Blue as well as Sir Paul McCartney.

If I can emulate half of what he has done in his career i’d be chuffed.


Working with the legendary Rob Davis

I had the chance to work with the legendary Rob Davis this week.

He co-wrote and produced Kylie Minogue’s biggest hit Can’t get you out of my head with the also legendary Cathy Dennis.

He showed me the Grammy Award he won for another song on that album, it’s the 1st time I’ve seen a Grammy in real life.

I hope it isn’t the last.


Studio in LA

I’ve been over in LA working on some songs with some incredibly talented people.

I also went to the Capitol Records Tower (The house that Nat built) for a meeting with a Motown Records AnR I met at the ASCAP event earlier this year, the feedback was very good.

I feel like I know what I need to work on to succeed in this industry, it’s just a case of applying myself.

All in the all though the trip was a blast.


Ecstasy Video



Ecstasy has been receiving support from Soulstice DJ’s Bella Scratch and DeeJay SD.

It is the 1st airplay of Ecstasy on a BDS Monitored Station I am aware of, Nielsen BDS is the service that contributes to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Kuvo is based in Denver Colorado.


New Photos in the Gallery

The gallery has been uploaded with some new pics from a photoshoot I did this week.